Timber Flooring – How Floor Sanding And Polishing Can Improve Its Appearance

floor sanding

One of the best ways to improve the appearance of your timber flooring is to sand and finish it.  This can bring warmth and light into your home and can add aesthetic appeal and style.  Floor sanding and polishing can either be done by the homeowner or a professional contractor, but it is a big job and takes certain expertise. If you do want to DIY make sure you do proper research. If you are looking for a reliable Australian floor sanding contractor, we recommend http://brisbanesfloors.com.au/sanding The floor sanding should always be done before the floor polishing and all dust and debris cleaned up before any stain or finish is applied to the timber flooring. If the floors are not thoroughly sanded and completely dust free, the floor polishing and then the finish may highlight imperfections.

Before you start floor sanding, you should thoroughly sweep and vacuum the floors.  Then check the floors for any nails that need to be hammered back in or removed and for any deep scratches which will need to be filled before sanding the timber floors.  Also, remove any old polish before starting the floor sanding.

Once the floor is properly prepared, the contractor will then begin by using a rough sandpaper. Once they have thoroughly sanded with this, they will move to a finer sandpaper, eventually leaving the floor even and smooth.  Once the floor sanding is finished, they will buff the floor and get it ready for staining, polishing or sealing.

Using A Professional Floor Sanding and Polishing Contractor

If you want to ensure the job is done well, hire a professional timber floor refinishing contractor.  These companies typically offer several services and can provide you options on different kinds of looks for your timber flooring. They will usually begin by checking the type of flooring you have and then advise you on which options and styles are available. There are certain finishes which work well with certain types of timber flooring and when you are having timber flooring refinishing done, it is always best to ensure these work together well.  

A professional timber floor refinishing contractor will prepare the floors and will usually also move any furniture.  They will then fix any deep scratches and replace or repair any timber flooring boards as necessary.

Sanding The Floor

It does not matter if you or a professional is going to be doing the floor sanding, it is a dusty job. Before the project starts, you should remove everything from the room.  You can also hang sheets dampened with water over all doorways and vents to help prevent the wood dust from traveling throughout your home. It really is impossible to completely prevent dust from getting out of the room and into other areas of your home, but taking this step can help minimize the dust.

Next, either you or the contractor will remove the skirting boards.  This makes is easier to completely sand the floors from one edge of the room to the other.  Once the floors are finished, the skirting boards are put back into place.

If you are considering doing a timber floor refinishing, it is a good idea to think about hiring a professional floor sanding and polishing company.  They can do the job quickly and well, ensuring you are able to use your floors again as soon as possible.</p