Is Expensive Paint Worth Your Money?

If you are renovating or building a new home or office, one of the things that you really need to consider and think about because of its cost is paint. It goes without saying that paint makes all things beautiful. Notice that when a house is not painted it looks dull and lifeless? But once you paint it with the right color, it will immediately enhance the whole façade and interiors of your home. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners do not know much about paint let alone choosing the best paint for their homes or offices.

How can price affect the quality of the paint?

You’ll know if a can of paint is good or has excellent quality when the price is a tad bit higher compared to other brands. The manufacturers of paint wouldn’t impose such exorbitant price if they didn’t mix it with high-quality ingredients. And so they have all the reasons in the world to price it as such. Besides, if you can afford it then why shortchange your paint? It’s also worth mentioning that resin is the ingredient that is added to paint to give it strength and luster. The more polished, the more durable a certain paint its. Perhaps the only drawback for having too much sheen on your walls is that imperfections become more noticeable. You can go for flat wall paint as it gives you a sleek and sophisticated look. However, this isn’t washable.

Why you need expensive paint and why it’s worth it?

There are certain cases that necessitate you to invest in high quality paint regardless of the cost but of course you also have to be practical ensuring that it fits your budget. But if you can still stretch your budget a bit more without hurting your bank account, then go ahead. Houses that have pets and small children require expensive paint simply because their walls are more prone to wear and tear. For families, we usually recommend you spend money over paint that has a matte finish but also ensuring that it s washable. If you are contemplating about changing your paint then don’t forget to consider changing and upgrading the paint on your bathroom and kitchen walls. If you want to change the paint on your ceiling, choose flat paint.

The question now is why do manufacturers offer varying price ranges for different kinds of paint?

The answer is quite simple, every room is different and so it makes sense that the type of paint you choose varies as well. For someone who intends to build an apartment with several units, it would not be cost-effective to go for expensive paint and the least you could do is get a flat and cheap wall paint otherwise you are going to be spending a huge amount of money to paint all units. In this case, repainting is always better.

If you are going to build your own residential home then your architect or interior designer will recommend a much costly paint. If it’s the garage, choose a cheaper paint but if you are painting the living room, your bedroom, the guest room or areas in your house the receives a lot of visitors and people then go for expensive paint because they are long-lasting and doesn’t require constant retouch. Office painters will also recommend a costly paint because of foot traffic in the office.