Here’s How You Can Make Your Home Saleable

Has your home been up for sale for nearly a month now and still you get no inquiries, calls, and emails whatsoever? Maybe it’s about time you re-assess your home and how much you are selling it for because perhaps these are some of the factors that are affecting its salability. If you’ve gone from hopeful to hopeless in as little as sixty days then you need to read several tips from us so you can sell your house fast and for a good price.

Aside from posting pictures of your porch, your kitchen, your basement, your living room and all other rooms in your home using the latest iPhone and with the best angles and the right lighting, often times, it takes more than knowing how to take great shots to attract potential buyers.

Sometimes it’s not all about the pictures but the actual subject itself. No matter how great you are at taking pictures and making sure that every photo is flawless, buyers are more concerned about the appearance of your home and not much about how well you take photos of it. Perhaps what you can do is to make minor changes in your home to attract more people to be interested in it. Here are some tips you can do to make your home salable in an instant.

Firstly, take a look at your kitchen and its state.

Do you know that your kitchen is one of the most important areas in your home that gets a lot of attention? If you are going to sell your home, make sure that you re-evaluate your kitchen. Are the kitchen counters clean? Are the walls neatly painted or are they peeling off? Are the tiles intact or are they cracked? You can reap a lot of benefits just by remodeling your kitchen. As a matter of fact, you can even get more than eighty five percent of your money back if you opt to remodel your kitchen. If your kitchen has a lot of defects like an obsolete counter top then get one. Other things you can do for your kitchen is to repaint the walls, the pantry and make sure that the cabinets are working well.

It would also be great if you paint your kitchen with neutral colors allowing your potential buyers to envision the own unique style would be once they purchase your home. If you still have enough to spare you can buy stainless steel appliances to will instantly upgrade the look of your entire kitchen.

Secondly, clean, your home! As simple as cleaning your home can do wonders to potential buyers. Get rid of clutter, get rid of nasty smells and rearrange your furniture if there is a need.

Thirdly, another thing that potential buyers love about homes is a swimming pool. If you already have a swimming pool in your back yard and if you have extra money to add some accents, it’s a good idea to include glass pool fences. Not only does it make your swimming pool area and deck elegant, it’s also safe for the kids and pets when they are playing around in the pool area.